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What it's all about

The Bond project was designed after discovering my love for motherhood sessions. The ins and outs of motherhood, the ups and downs of breastfeeding and nourishing a baby.

The birth of my daughter showed me not only how hard it was to breastfeed and keep her healthy but also the true challenge women face trying to do what they think is best for their little ones - especially when it comes to extended breastfeeding.

First and foremost I want to get moms in front of the camera. I want to show them how perfectly beautiful they are with their tiger stripes, extra pounds and messy hair. How they are radiating love for their babies and how magical the bond truly is between them.

Then I want to share their story. I want to show other moms that they are not alone in this journey and they have a safe place to turn to for a shoulder or guidance.

The bond project shares the journeys of mothers specifically in terms of breastfeeding, bottle feeding or any combination. Those pieces of nourishing babies we may not love so much. The engorgement, the latch problems the all night feedings, the clinging cluster feeds, the biting, the thrush, the family disapproval, going back to work, feeling like a cow attached to the pump.

All. Of. It.

That also means the look they give you as they nurse, the fact that from the first latch they had to hold your pinky while they ate, the excited sound they make right before they eat, their crossed feet, the way they fit on your lap, the snuggle once they are all full.

The bond project documents the details of your story through words and photographs that may otherwise be forgotten.

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