Who am I?

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My babies are the most important elements in my life. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to search through my site or my facebook page to see what. They are my life, my inspiration and my biggest push. Everything I do, for them.

I started this business shortly after my daugher was born. I wanted a way to be home with her and be able to help other mamas document their journey through motherhood. To me, remembering all the little details from tiny toes to sweet curls is just as important as the big milestones and even the bigger tantrums. Every moment matters.

I love to spend time with my littles, even when that means simply letting my son sleep on my chest (until he is too big to fit). But I do love to read and all things creative is definitely in my blood. There isn’t a whole lot I wouldn’t try when it come to the art and crafting department. Although knitting is definitely giving me a run for my money.

If you are interested in learning a little more of the quirky side of me, feel free to hop on over and read this silly blog titled 11 Things you may want to know about your photographer. I hope you learn a little about me and have a little fun doing it.

A Bit about Miracle Kisses

I firmly believe that every single child brought into this world is a miracle. The way our bodies nourish them and grow with the tiny baby to the whirlwind of a day when they make their entrance and every day after that. It is a miracle to get to kiss this little baby and an amazing feeling when they get big enough to kiss you back.

Documenting pregnancy and newborns is close to my heart. I plan every session with each family to make it special for you to remember these days as they all go by so fast.

About a year after my boyfriend and I got together, we found out we were expecting a little bundle. We were more than a bit nervous but also extremely excited. Everything was going great – or so we thought. Right after finding out we were going to have a boy, I went into labor at 21 weeks. The doctors said it was too early to even try. We lost our first miracle and I have very little proof he was ever here.

My next pregnancy was a long hard journey that went all too fast and we welcomed our beautiful daughter at 37 weeks. The fear and the joy of having her has pulled us through everything together.

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