Maternity Session

You’re almost there! This is the time to capture the growing bond you have with the little one you feel every day. It is usually best to hold this session when you are between 32-34 weeks pregnant. This time frame allows you to have a cute baby bump but also still be relatively comfortable in your pregnant body.  It is my goal to make this session both comfortable and memorable for you while creating lovely images for you to reminisce on this beautiful time in your life.

Boudoir Maternity Session

You are only pregnant for a limited time in your life. There is a special beauty when it comes to a pregnant woman. This special, private session is for you to be a little more intimate. If you want to capture this moment with a little more elegance and sensuality this session is for you. Please know it is not a requirement to be nude. These sessions are still meant to show the strength and beauty in your pregnant body. 

Happily waiting-40.jpg
Baby Bump-8.jpg
Happily expecting-17.jpg
yoga mom-29.jpg
Flag baby.jpg
pretty momma-27.jpg