Exclusive Bumps to Babies

There are no words to describe the feeling of being pregnant. From the joy and terror of finding out you are expecting, to feeling those first little kicks, to designing your day around knowing you are carrying this perfect baby, to learning which position they are in based on their tiny but strong movements.

Then in a whirlwind of pain, pride, power and pushing you bring your baby earthside and pull them close to your body knowing you did it - you made it. Those first few days fly by with exhaustion and happiness along with more pain and a peaceful calm.

Days turn into weeks turn into months of tiny details and common moments you swear to yourself you will remember. How could you forget those tiny white dots on their nose or those flakes on their feet? The swirl of hair on their head or the  way their eyebrows move when they eat.

But we do forget. We forget more than we will ever know. See all of those memories are replaced with new tiny details and big moments the more they grow and change.

All of these moments are important to you. I know they have been important to me. I swore I would write it all down or take another photo on my always full camera phone. But we are in the moment, and we forget.

Sit back, enjoy your precious bundle and let me take these photos for you. Let me help you remember those tiny wrinkles and that sweet toothless smile.

With the Bump to Babies package we will document these little details, big moments and the hurricane of emotions with a maternity session, a fresh 48 session, and a newborn session. We will work together to capture as many of these moments as you wish and turn them into tangible memories that you and your family will be able to look back on for generations. I’ll even give you a set of custom birth announcements to help share the exciting news with those you love.

Ready to book? I am so beyond excited that you are interested in a Bumps to Bundles plan. Your pregnancy and first weeks with your newborn are filled with so many emotions and whirlwind of events. I can't wait to hear about them as we start planning your personalized sessions. Contact me, Samantha, below or feel free to give me a call at 720.541.0775 

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