Babies to Birthdays


Can you believe how strong your little one is - already getting ready to push themselves up, working all those muscles to get ready to crawl all over the house? you love those sweet little baby back rolls as they push to see the world just a little bit faster than you are ready for right now.

Then once they master that they learn to move that leg around and sit up with perfect posture, only after taking about 3425027 nose dives into the carpet - giving you a mild heart attack every time.

It was only yesterday that they were itty bitty curled up on your chest. Now they are ready to stand up and start walking or running faster than you ever thought. Getting ready for their first birthday. Maybe they can even say a few works in sign or with their voice.

However do they grow so fast?

Babies change too fast, your baby is growing and learning and exploring too fast. Where did your little baby go?

It has always amazed me how much a baby changes from the squishy little newborn to a walking, babbling toddler in the blink of an eye.

While it is impossible to catch every moment and as much as we may try, nearly impossible to catch every milestone - every first. The goal of the Baby to Birthday plan is to do our best and getting the big moments in your baby's life. We document the milestones of pushing themselves up (around 4 months), sitting on their own (around 8 months) and their very first birthday (even with a cake if you wish).

Giving you the cutest reminders of how perfect, sweet and little they were as they grow and change, on to the next milestone. Each and every one they pass is a bittersweet moment of success. Let me take the journey with you finding little tidbits you never want to forget and ones you may not even notice in the moment.

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I am so thrilled you want to embark on this journey with me, to capture their biggest milestones. It is truly astonishing how fast this year will fly by. Contact me below or give me, Samantha, a call at 720.541.0775 to set up your Babies to Birthdays plan and get started planning some of those little details. 

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