Motherhood Sessions


Right now, as I type this my newest little one is snuggling my leg, being comforted that he is on mama. We just finished a breastfeeding session for the 7383723784 time today because he is cluster feeding and this was the only way to set him down.

But the reality is, these moments are fleeting. Soon he will be awake more throughout the day, learning to crawl and then eat and play with his big sister. Soon they will both be perfectly happy playing alone in their room only coming out to show me one of their treasures or to ask for a snack. My daughter no longer wants to snuggle with me all day or nurse herself to sleep. Progressively they are getting bigger and more independent until they go off to college and find a life away from our home.

Motherhood sessions document the right now moments of life. Those moments where we are running around trying to keep up. Those moments when they want to play only with us. Those moments when they need us to kiss their boo-boos and when time stands still to nurse them all better.

Motherhood sessions are a gift to you. A gift to remember all those little moments and their tiny toes, their sweet little curls and their milk coma grin.

Motherhood sessions are a gift to your children. A gift to show all the love in their life - all the happiness they bring.

Motherhood sessions are important. So often we, as mothers, shy away from the camera because our hair isn’t done or our makeup isn’t just right (if you wear any). Maybe we are still in our pajamas or have spit up on our… everything. Maybe we are behind the camera busy documenting their first bath or trying for the 23847th time to catch the smile they get when daddy walks through the door or the giggle just before they latch on.

These sessions put you in the moment, exactly where you should be. Even when those moments are as simple as sitting on your unmade bed letting your son cuddle with your leg.

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