The Playground Diaries | Volume 7 | Woodglen Meadows Park

The Playground Diaries | Volume 7 | Woodglen Meadows Park

Though breastfeeding is prevalent this month on the blog, fear not, I will still be staring our awesome Colorado parks for all of you following along!

What is the Playground Diaries?

The playground diaries is a new project of mine to take us around to different playgrounds around our beautiful state. I know what it is like to want to know as much as I can before venturing to a new place especially now that I have a second baby. The playground diaries gives a little insight into your neighborhood park. Am I missing something? Let me know in the comments.

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Woodglen Meadows Park

12602 Bellaire St, Thornton, CO 80241

Substrate: Woodchips
Bathrooms: No
Big Playground: Yes
Small Playground: No
Picnic Tables: Yes
Pavilion: No
Theme: None
Proximity to Busy Street: Back from street
Playground Shade: None
Swings: Baby, kid
Other: Large green space

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What Makes this Park Special?

We really loved that this is a neighborhood park, tucked in a bit. It’s one of those that unless you know it is there you’d probably never find it. That makes it really nice because in general you won’t find a thousand people at this park. Although every park has its days.

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Our Mini Diary

We were able to meet up with some of our friends for this park adventure which made it all the more fun. I still love this age for playdates because on one hand they really are intrigued by wanting to play with each other but they also just want to do their own thing.

As usual we spent a ton of time on the swings. This seems to be a favorite activity for all kiddos. I think it is that whoopi tummy feeling. That is what my family calls the weightlessness feeling at the top of a hill or drop. This time though poor little Logan played a little too hard and almost fell asleep in the swing. Poor kid.

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Having other kiddos to play with, Sarah was much more apt to play and slide than she has been of late. It is so much fun to see the different thing each kiddo is attracted to and then the wonderful things their imagination does when you give them the chance to free play.

Until the next time. Happy park hunting!

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