The Playground Diaries | Volume 5 | Waneka Lake Park

The Playground Diaries | Volume 5 | Waneka Lake Park

Staying in Lafayette for another week, we travel to Waneka Park on our mission to visit at least one playground in Colorado every week. This park definitely did not disappoint. We even all enjoyed the beautiful walk around the lake. It was great exercise and let my little guy nap for a bit.

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What is the Playground Diaries?

The Playground Diaries is designed to tell busy families like you all about different parks around Colorado. I wanted to be able to share with you some of the super fun things at each park along with practical things we all want to know before venturing to a new place: does the park have bathrooms, or what kind of substrate will the kids play on? If there is a question you have abou any park, let me know in the comments below.

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Waneka Lake Park

1600 Caria Dr, Lafayette, CO 80026
Their website

Substrate: Wood chips
Bathrooms: Yes
Big Playground: Yes
Small Playground: Yes
Picnic Tables: Yes
Pavillion: Yes
Theme: None
Proximity to Busy Street: Back from street, close to a lake
Playground Shade: Some

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What Makes this Park Special?

One super fun thing about this park is that on one end of the big kid playground, there is a slide with three parts. Each one is a little different in the bumps and angle so it is three times the fun for your littles.

If you plan to be there for a while, like my daughter likes to be, there is also one of those free library houses filled with mostly adult books. I love these little libraries, they are just too cute.

This is also a very popular park to take a walk or a jog around the lake. This walk also has exercise stations around the lake. For those interested, there is also a disc golf course and even paddle boats.

One important thing to mention is this playground is quite popular. There are usually a lot of families here and it is even a popular place for field trips. It is a fun park but that does make it a popular one.  

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Our Mini Diary

We met up with one of our friends on this day and the kids definitely had a lot of fun. Even though they are 2 and 4 they both enjoyed the bigger part of the park. Their favorite destinations were of course, the swings and the three slot slide.

Sarah had a great time climbing up the fish ladder, there is even bars underneath to practice their climbing. We played a fun game of ‘can you find me’ through the slats on the side.

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Logan on the other hand, had his first adventure on the little playground and tried to slide. He still does not enjoy sitting and did not understand the concept at all. So we went back to the swings with him. I love this new smile he keeps giving me, where his smile is so big he just has to close his eyes. This was also the park where Sarah discovered that she could swing on her belly. Now this is the way to go!

Until the next time, I hope to see all of you playing at your favorite parks

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