The Playground Diaries | Volume 4 | Sunset Maple Park

The Playground Diaries | Volume 4 | Sunset Maple Park

2018 is a year of making changes and for us that means getting out of the house and exploring new places. What better places to find with my kiddos than playgrounds all around Colorado? Come with us on our journey all summer long - or maybe longer, it is Colorado after all.

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What is the Playground Diaries?

The playground diaries grew from a need to get out of the house and spend some quality one on one time with my kids. There are nearly 1000 parks in the state of Colorado and we wanted to see them. But I found it was difficult to find any information on them before we went. So I decided that I would blog a playground every week with photos of my kiddos and their friends to tell you a little about each park. If there is something you want to know, let me know in the comments.

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Sunset Maple Park

260 Caria Drive, Lafayette, CO 80026

Substrate: Wood chips
Bathrooms: No
Big Playground: Yes
Small Playground: No
Picnic Tables: Yes
Pavillion: No
Theme: None
Proximity to Busy Street: Close to street, cul de sac
Playground Shade: None

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What Makes this Park Special?

This park is tucked back where it almost looks like it is not a public park. It is still close to a street but since it is tucked behind two houses on a little cul de sac I wouldn’t think a whole lot of people will come to this park.

This park does not have any swings. It really is geared more toward older kids but my three year old did have a lot of fun.

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Our Mini Diary

After a long day of looking for new places to have sessions, we were driving back from a much larger park (featured next week) I caught a glimpse of this park from the road. I am so glad I turned around.

Sarah is still on a kick where she is afraid of the height of a park. I decided to get up there and play with her this time. Although it still didn’t seem to help. She still clings to the side of the park or on my hand. She wouldn’t even slide on this day.

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With that said, she had a great time trying to climb up some of the features and playing with the little spin match thing they had. She doesn’t know a lot about dinosaurs but she thought it was pretty cool that they had a bunch of them. We laughed quite a bit trying to pronounce some of them.

Thank you for coming along with us on our playground journey! I can’t wait to share the next park with you all. What do your kiddos love about the park?

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