The Playground Diaries | Volume 6 | E.B. Rains Memorial Park

The Playground Diaries | Volume 6 | E.B. Rains Memorial Park

Even with the abundance of rain we have had this week, we are still having a great time park hoping in this beautiful state. I am so thankful we have so many parks to choose from every time we leave the house for an adventure.

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What is the Playground Diaries?

The Playground Diaries is my personal project to help mamas around the state of Colorado find new parks near and far that are perfect for their family. It became a thought when I wanted to take my daughter to the park when we were potty training. There are so many parks without a bathroom! Well this project will tell you those kind of details so you can decide for yourself it you want to venture to a new place with your kiddos.

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E.B. Rains Memorial Park

11701 Community Center Dr, Northglenn, CO 80233

Substrate: Padding
Bathrooms: Yes, including a family bathroom
Big Playground: Yes
Small Playground: Yes
Picnic Tables: Yes
Pavilion: Yes
Theme: None
Proximity to Busy Street: Back from street, close to a lake and creek
Playground Shade: Good
Swings: Baby, kid, handicapped/adaptive
Other: Water spray area, walking, paddle boats, concerts, large green, lake

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What Makes this Park Special?

I must say, one thing that impressed me about this park was the learning center with braille writing on it. It was a great moment to share about the way blind people read to my daughter. She is still a bit young to really get it but now she has a little more insight.

Her favorite part about this park was the merry-go-round that is in between the small and large playground. This is a popular fixture at this playground but the three times we have been there the other kids have been nice to the smallest of kiddos who want to ride.

This is also the first playground we have been to where the small play area has shade covering it. It was a nice little break from the sunny day.

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Our Mini Diary

Our morning got off a bit on the rocky side. Sarah was channeling her scared park days and clung to the sides of every piece she could and wanted only to swing. Once a new friend at the park began helping her feel safe, she cautiously started to play and run.

We never really got completely comfortable this time but at least she wanted to play. She was so determined to not be scared of the park. She kept saying 'I am brave.' It was the cutest thing. 

I am grateful that all the other kiddos that were at the park on this day were kind and wanted to play with her. The last thing she discovered was one of their two sand play areas where she played with two older kids and had a ball scooping sand and putting it in all the holes while trying to catch it as it all ran out.

Until the next time. Happy park hunting!

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