The Playground Diaries | Volume 3 | Daniel Carmichael Park

The Playground Diaries | Volume 3 | Daniel Carmichael Park

On this beautifully sunny day, drove over by my Brighton studio for our adventure of the day. Brighton doesn’t seem to have quite as many parks as Arvada but I will say, they make up for it with some awesome playgrounds.

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What is the Playground Diaries?

The Playground Diaries is for families to be able to see into a park before they go there. I am creating a resource for you, to help you get an idea for a playground to see if it is a good fit for your family. I hope you follow along all summer.

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Daniel Carmichael Park

650 E Southern St, Brighton, CO 80601

Substrate: Padding - except in the sand pit
Bathrooms: Yes
Big Playground: Yes
Small Playground: Yes
Picnic Tables: Yes
Pavilion: Yes
Theme: None
Proximity to Busy Street: Small park is away from the street. Closest street isn’t too busy
Playground Shade: None
Other fun things: roller hockey, tennis, basketball, large field

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What Makes this Park Special?

Our favorite part of this playground is the rock climbing slide. You read that correctly. On the far end of the park, there is a rock climb area where the inside is a slide. I would be very nervous for my young child to truly climb this up and around but it has a ladder on one side that leads to a slide in the middle.

This is another park that has a tire swing as well as a fun sand (more like gravel) pit for the kids to play and explore.

Another cool aspect to this park is that is actually has a roller hockey area for the kids to play. I would imagine some kind of kid league meets here but I do not know that for sure.

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Our Mini Diary

Sarah has started to be afraid of the tall parts of any park. I am not really sure why, but all of a sudden she does not want to play, but instead just cling to the sides. So we spent quite a bit of time on the small kids playground. Which mostly is fine with me. There is even little seat like things I imagine is for parents to sit.

Once she finally decided to branch out we went to the big kid area, although she didn’t make it too far. Hopefully this is a short lived problem. But then we headed over to a whole new area where there are a ton of monkey bars and things.

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Logan on the other hand had his very first experience in a swing - I am pretty sure he is in love. The grin he kept on his face will forever make me smile. He is so sweet, he even knew how to hold on.

We spent the rest of our day on the rock climbing slide with another little girl. Apparently it is one of the best slides she has been on - partially because it is mostly shaded.

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The End

Well there you have it. We will definitely make another trip to this park. There weren’t even all that many people who came to join us. Lots of fun for sure.

I would love to hear all about your adventures at a favorite park. And if you would like to nominate a park near you, add it in the comments below.

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