Family Sunday | Bacon Day | Colorado Day in the Life Photo Session

Family Sunday | Bacon Day | Colorado Day in the Life Photo Session

Over the last few months I have made it more and more of a priority to document my own life. The ups, the downs, the messy and the calm. Last weekend, it dawned on me that I hadn’t taken many images of one of the most integral parts of our lives: family Sunday. So, I took it upon myself to document our day in the life, brought to you by bacon.

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I can’t say I am 100% sure when exactly family Sunday came to be or what really started it, but I know for my mom – our host – that it has a whole lot to do with food, family and football. The order changes week by week. She has cultivated a wonderful set of people, family by blood, family by friendship, family.

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On this day, we had requested BLT Pasta for dinner. Well my mother, does not do anything small when it comes to food. This knowledge combined with the fact that a few of us have different dietary needs meant a whole lot of food. BLT pasta, BLT salad, mound of fruit, grilled chicken, garlic bread, and naturally two kinds of dessert: some kind of Oreo pie and an apple tart concoction of yumm.

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Some days she has more help than others, but this meal lent itself well to a full kitchen of busy hands and sticky fingers. Don’t be fooled though, my mom runs the show. She may forget what to do next but when she remembers it seems she grows another set of hands to get it all done in time for dinner.

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Now of course some of us, meaning me, has to take a few breaks from helping to take care of the littlest addition to the family. And sometimes the quiet moments throughout the day are quite a good break from the lovely hum of people all around. Other times, my little man thinks it just quite isn’t loud enough – especially since he has found his voice.

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The closer we get to dinner; the more people are buzz around the kitchen. Working to get the extra table and all the pieces on the table. Whatever order it happens to be placed. You can tell when everyone starts to get a little antsy. But it is not done before it is done.

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Mom and her awesome man finish the final touches, admittedly after some of us are busy filling our plates. And she always has to dish something herself. Not sure if it is because there is no room on the table of if she just loves the look of everyone’s face as she adds more food than you think you could ever eat.

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Everyone except for my little man, who is determined to get some of that food into his mouth, even if it means sucking the bacon grease off my mother’s thumb. He will get to that food…. Only a couple more months little man. Your belly isn’t ready yet my love. Although I really did consider a little watermelon – but I held out.

baby led weaning, ready for food, milestone photographer
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We all eat in a fairly quiet bliss only talking between long moments of food. And clear the table. Some days mom gets more help with dishes than others, but it never fails that she ends up with the last load of dishes. After most have said their goodbyes and made their respective journeys home. A calm comes over the house.

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Now this is the point where things differ, sometimes the end of the evening is just the beginning where we all retire to the garage for games of pool, poker, darts or the huge sack of board games, other nights it’s a quite night in over cards after the table is reset for four. This is my favorite part of the night. The more quiet, personal time with a smaller part of family.

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Don’t be fooled though, some nights we play until 3 am and others we are home by 10 pm but we always stay until we could all fall asleep walking… well except my little man, who is his own happy self until sleep finally wins, at home, snuggled with mama.

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Looking back, a little over a week later, I am so glad I took these images. Of course, we are building these memories every week, but a year from now, ten years from now, we will be able to look back at these moments and know how much fun, how much love we had on these family Sundays.

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If you’ve never heard of a day in the life session or never thought it was for you, I urge you to find the perfect photographer for you and document a day in your life. I promise, today is a memory you will always want to have, and it will be money well invested.

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I would love to hear about your everyday family memories in the comments below. Or send me a note if you think I may be the photographer for you. I can’t wait to witness your memories unfold.

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