Day Sixteen | Amy's Journey | Starting Over

Day Sixteen | Amy's Journey | Starting Over

So far, this time around it's been difficult to try to get her to latch onto the right side, but I've made it a priority to see a lactation consultant to help with any issues from the start.

Have you had any different struggles or successes?

With my other children I quickly gave up on attempting to nurse on the right side because they wouldn't latch. This time I've been successful so far at latching her, though it's been difficult and often painful to do so. 

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I've seen a lactation consultant at the hospital and a few days afterwards that had a few suggestions on how to help her latch. I've tried different positions like the football hold it squeezing the breast like a sandwich. What to have been the most helpful it seems is to make sure she latches on correctly and holding her whole body as close to the breast as possible. 

I have pumped a few times already, even though it's recommended not to for the first 6 weeks. It was suggested to me by both the pediatrician and lactation consultant to pump at least the right side to maintain my supply if I keep having difficulty getting her to latch on.

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What is difficult about nursing a new child with other kiddos running around?

I've found it to be difficult to not be able to sit around and nurse, as I'm often up and walking around attending to the other kids while trying to nurse. Or I've had the opposite problem where I'm trying to sit and nurse and the older kids are wanting my attention. It's hard to find the balance and juggle both.

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What are you doing to find a good balance between attending to your new little girl and still attending to and bonding with your other kiddos?

Right now, I'm trying to take any small chunk of time that I have while the baby is sleeping to spend with my older kids. Or I'm having the older kids be involved with small things like throwing away a diaper. If the baby needs to nurse, I've been doing that mostly while helping another kid get something to eat or while sitting down and playing with one of them. 

Do you feel like you were more prepared this time around or was it still a struggle to get started? What are you still trying to learn in the beginning of this new journey?

I felt more prepared this time since I know I have successfully nursed my other kids for 1-2 years. I knew that the first few weeks were going to be the hardest, so I've been trying to remind myself that I know it'll get better.

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What do you love about nursing?

I love the bond it creates between me and my babies. It feels like this special moment in time where only I can feed her and not anyone else. I also love that it's free and convenient; you can whip out your breasts anywhere you go and feed your baby. 

How do your other kiddos interact with her while she is nursing?

My older two are used to me breastfeeding from my other daughter, so they're completely unfazed whenever I nurse. Sometimes they'll even tell me that I need to nurse if they hear their sister cry. My daughter, on the other hand, has been trying to join in while I'm nursing. She'll tell me she wants to drink and then tried to latch onto the free boob. I half expected her to be curious about the baby nursing since I weaned her only 6 months ago, so I'm not surprised by it. At least she only does it for a split second so I'm not tandem feeding.

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How do you feel about tandem nursing? If she continues to try would you let her?

I don't have anything against tandem nursing for other mothers, but it's not what I plan on doing. I've already weaned my older daughter 6 months ago, and don't want to have go through weaning her again. Right now, her trying to latch on seems more of curiosity or jealousy than actually wanting to nurse.

How do you feel about nursing in public?

I'm all for women nursing in public, and see nothing wrong with doing so. I guess my advice is to not let what others think stop you from nursing in public. I personally have never had anyone in public say anything to me about nursing my kids, so I'm not sure what advice to give if someone did say something negative to a mother who was.

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What advice do you have for other moms?

I would say that in the beginning you need to take it day by day. Even after nursing my 3 other children, these first few weeks of nursing are long and exhausting. If there's issues like weight loss or not latching, find a lactation consultant to help you. If you have a partner, get them on board to support you through this if it's what you want to do. There’s times you may want to give up, but it gets better. 

Let’s give this mama some encouragement in the comments. As always, if you would like to share your story or have a private breastfeeding session of your own message me and we can get started planning your perfect session.

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