The Upside to Hiring a Newborn Photographer (Even as a photographer)

The Upside to Hiring a Newborn Photographer (Even as a photographer)

You get to be in the images

Yes, there are ways to take images that you are a part of (can anyone say selfie?), but really the beautiful images come when someone else can look through the viewfinder and see what the best angle is for any given image.

No stress

By hiring a professional newborn photographer you give yourself the gift of a calm beginning (as calm as you can be with a newborn). You don’t have to worry about planning the session or hoping it goes well or stressing over when you should do it. You just get to relax and let them to all the work. All you have to do is make sure your baby is fed.

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They have experience and know safety

Many of the cute images we see on facebook or pinterest are actually composite photos (where the photographer takes more than one image and merges them together in photoshop). This is for the safety of your baby. Elaborate images such as a baby hanging in a dream catcher to simple images such as the baby holding its head up with their hands. These images are not safe to perform on their own so they are accomplished through the work of a composite.

You get a short break

True professional photographers have your babies safety in mind and know how to best care for your baby. This gives you a little break during your session. Some parents choose to take a nap while others love to be a part of the session assisting the photographer as needed (for things like those composite images). Either way, it is a couple hours where you get to worry a little less about your precious little baby.

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They remember details you may forget

The little white dots on a newborn's nose are only there for the first couple of weeks, maybe you love them or maybe you never noticed they were there but a professional photographer may know to take a macro image of their perfect little nose with those little white dots to remember forever

They will be consistent

I know for myself it is very easy to get caught up in wanting all the images: different props and blankets and themes and edits. When you hire a professional, sure they are going to give you a variety of images with several different setups but overall they will have a consistency in the flow and the edit so when you decide to add a gallery to your wall or print an album the entire session will be cohesive and beautiful.

Can you think of an advantage to hiring a newborn photographer that I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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