7 Reasons In-Home Newborn Sessions Rock

7 Reasons In-Home Newborn Sessions Rock

1. Convenience for you, the family

Let’s face it, getting out of the house with a newborn whether you are a new parent or an experienced one. Those first few weeks are hard. You family is settling into what it is like with another life in your home. Sleep deprivation has set in and mom is likely still tired and sore from bringing baby into the world. Why make it harder by attempting to show up to your session on time when in home sessions are an option with many newborn photographers?

2. You can’t forget anything

It rarely fails that you will get in the car and realize halfway to your destination that you forgot the baby wipes or your favorite blanket. When the session takes place in your own home, you cannot forget anything and that sense of knowing you have everything you need is wonderful. Plus, babies poo a lot, it is very easy to forget a change of clothes in case in one of those adorable parent photos your baby whizzes on you.

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3. Your baby will feel more comfortable

Your baby has gotten used to the sounds and scents that fill your home. By keeping your baby in the same environment, they are more likely to feel comfortable and be calmer and perhaps sleep better during your session (although there is no guarantee).

4. Your family will be more comfortable

You have set up your home to be comfortable for your family, however many people that may include. Plus, who knows how soft you like your couch better than you do? By having your session in your home, your entire family has a comfortable place to be so you all can relax and watch your session.

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5. Older siblings will have something to do

Posed newborn sessions can last as long as 4 hours. Most children, especially toddlers do not have the patience to be in one place for so long. But if you are at home, your other children can be a part of the session when they are ready and then play, watch tv or even take a nap as they normally would.

6. Opportunity for natural lifestyle images

Posed images are beautiful, from baby alone to parent photos, sibling photos and family photos but if the session is done at your home it opens up more possibilities. Not only can your dog be in the photo there is also the opportunity to photograph the way your life is right now. Where do you feed your baby? How do you calm your baby? Where does your baby sleep? These are all things that can be captured in the lifestyle piece of your session.

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7. Chance to remember something sentimental

Along with the idea that you cannot forget anything, there is also the chance to think of something sentimental to include in your session. Many photographers will have a questionnaire you fill out to help you think of things that you would love in your session, but sometimes you forget something simple like a blanket your grandmother made the baby. When I had my son recently my daughter saw a stuffed animal in the gift shop window that she had to get for her new brother. We wouldn’t have known that we wanted this in the images while I was still pregnant but having an in home session, we would have been able to remember this and grab it on the spot.

Can you think of an item that you would love to include in your own newborn session? I would love to hear what it is in the comments below. 

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