365mk2017 week five

365mk2017 week five

365mk2017 Challenge Week 5

So I decided to make this whole week super bowl related, so all of these are from my mother’s super bowl party.

Elegant, mother, super bowl party

1.29.2017 – Elegant

There ain’t nothin’ elegant when it comes to handing a stranger your camera and sayin’ here take the photo. Plus nothing elegant happens when you eat ribs.

Halftime show, lady gaga, tv photo

1.30.2017 – Middle

Lada Gaga was the halftime show of the super bowl. She was a great middle to the game.

breathe, national anthem, respect

1.31.2017 – Breathe

The National Anthem is a wonderful time to breathe and just take a moment in silence to breathe and be thankful for all that we have, like taking a day off with loved ones and watching a bunch of men fight over a ball.

Bare, rib bone, eat em all

2.1.2017 – Bare

The only way to cook ribs is to cook them until they are fall off the bone ready and my mom will suck them until they are bare anyway.

Mania, gametime fun, 365 challenge

2.2.2017 – Mania

Every football game is full of crazy moments and lots of yelling both for and against. Add a little booze and then you get this.

I spy, game time, champions

2.3.2017 – I spy…

I spy champions. I don’t care who you wanted to win the game, no one can say this didn’t turn out to be one heck of a super bowl. Congratulation Patriots, please don’t let it come out you cheated.

embrace, hug, love and goodbye

2.4.2017 – Embrace

All good things must come to an end and the best way to say goodbye is with hugs and a see you soon. 

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