365mk2017 Challenge Week 1

365mk2017 Challenge Week 1

365mk2017, Defining moment, Raider Nation

1.1.2017 – Defining Moment

My defining moment was walking into my mother’s house as a Raider fan. My entire family are die hard Bronco fans and for me to walk into her house with my husband and child as Raider fans, it broke her heart.

365mk2017, Sparkly, Christmas tree light, child magic

1.2.2017 – Sparkly

The magic of Christmas is in family and love and the lights. While getting ready to take down our tree this year we let my daughter lay under the tree and play with it. The magic in her eyes was perfection.

365mk2017, Reborn, Chihuahua mix, new dog

1.3.2017 – Reborn

We adopted a 2 year old Chihuahua mix. We don’t know much about where he came from but we do know that we love him and want him to be metaphorically reborn into our family as a loving, spoiled little dog.

365mk2017, Liquid, Vitamin C, Cold, sick, bubbles

1.4.2017 – Liquid

I started the year out sick. Vitamin C has been my best friend. When liquid came up as the challenge I knew it had to be of the cold bubbles that the packets make.

365mk2017, Radiate, Fire cave

1.5.2017 – Radiate

We have a fire almost every night. If you watch your fire, it is easy to miss the pockets that form under the logs. They look like wild caves, radiating heat.

365mk2017, Flame, fireplace

1.6.2017 – Flame

I had a hard time deciding on my flame since my husband smokes, we have a gas stove and our fireplace but I am always mesmerized by the flame getting taller and taller in our fireplace.

365mk2017, fluff, s'more, marshmallow, yum

1.7.2017 – Fluff

To go along with my fire theme we decided to make S’mores. Some like to roast their marshmallow until it is burnt but to me they are perfect when the inside is a warm, gooey, fluff.


365mk2017 Challenge Week Two

365mk2017 Challenge Week Two

10 First Snow Traditions

10 First Snow Traditions