365 Documentary Challenge - December 2017

365 Documentary Challenge - December 2017

December is always a crazy hectic month with our typical lives and the holiday, the end of the year and whatever else is coming up. Well, I decided that December 2017 was the perfect time to start my personal 365 photography project.

If you want to learn a small tidbit about my 365 family documentary project and what it’s all about go ahead and read this blog, (I can wait).

Now that you’re back, I wanted to share a few of my favorite images and big moments from the first month of my 365 photo project.

Yes, our December was a very hectic month, see we decided at the very last minute that we were going to move. What prompted this crazy last minute decision and the very hectic week making it all happen is a crazy story, but either way here we were, starting our December – moving.

empty box, kids with boxes, moving, imagination

We had boxes everywhere, of every shape and size, trying to prepare. And what kid can resist an empty box. I had been packing our bedrooms when I came down the stairs to see my daughter packing herself into a box – surrounded by the piles of boxes and miscellaneous things we had strung all over. She wanted to make sure she was going too.

morning stretch, baby boy, colorado mom

My handsome naked boy (well with a diaper, I am not crazy) loves his morning – err afternoon stretch. Oh, to stretch like a baby again. Curling all the way up from the toes and then pushing out through the fingers. I love all the faces he makes in this ritual.

nerf gun fight, moving fun, love family colorado

Our very first night as a family in the new house was stressful. We didn’t know where anything was or how we were going to weasel our way out of the mess we had created. So, when Sarah was having a hard time trying to deal, Mark got out the nerf guns for our first family battle. There were little nurf pellet thingys everywhere. I am still not sure if she had more fun during the war or picking all the pieces up afterword.

calm baby, boob juice, mamas milk, breastfeeding photo

Our newest little edition didn’t quite know what to think of the whole situation either. He chose a calmer route of feeling safe – mommy. I choose not to tell you how many attempts it took for me to get this image. But I will say it took a very, very long time but it will forever be one of my favorite images. He clung so hard to me with all his might. This is the happiest, safest place he knows.

toddler sleep, own bed, first room

And my last favorite image of the month, in the wrong place on the calendar – oops. Sarah slept in her own bed for the first time in the new home, for the first time in months. There was no fight on this night. She was excited for her own room with all of her toys and she wanted nothing more than to sleep in it.

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