2018 Goals

Happy New Years! I hope everyone entered the year with joy and happiness! ‘Tis the season of new beginnings and resolutions. This year, I have decided instead of resolutions I am setting goals. I can set plans for my goals and even if I slip up it won’t be the end of the world. So here are my goals. I would love to hear yours!

Family Goals

1.       1 hour of uninterrupted, no electronic time every day

It has become apparent that in this everchanging world we are always on something. So, this year I want to go back to just being together.

2.       Family dinner together every night

We have been consistently moving and unpacking and moving more things. This has made it so we even went as far as storing our kitchen table. Yikes right? Well I want to fix this and come together over food again.

3.       Have 3 memberships and go places with my kiddos

We love to go places like the zoo or even the library but we tend to still be home bodies and never get out. So, this year I want to get passes to the zoo, a museum and maybe the aquarium (because my daughter loves fish) and actually make a point to go somewhere that is not an errand at least one time a week. Play date anyone?

Fun Goals

1.       One road trip to another state

Visiting all 50 states has been on my bucket list for a long time. Well I am getting older and have only been to 5 states so I need to get started. What better time is there than now! So this year we will make it as a family to another state, even if it just to Kansas for a weekend. It will be a start.

2.       Geocaching

Before we had kiddos, Mark and I truly enjoyed Geocaching. I want to get back into this activity my myself, as a family, and with friends. Let’s get out there!

3.       365 Project

This is partly a family goal and partly a business goal. I am starting a 365 documentary family project where every day I will take a photo of our daily life. The fun, the mundane and the tantrums. I want to be honest and show our family as it lives. You can follow along with my project or join for yourself (you don’t have to be a pro).

Health Goals

1.       Water

I am starting my year with the reality that I need more water to feel healthy again. So, I have joined a group for accountability that I will drink a minimum of 75 ounces of water every single day.

2.       Eating out

There was a time that I loved to cook and try all sorts of new things; but somewhere with having children and starting a business we started eating more and more junk. We want to get back into cooking and eating better as a family for our health and our budget.

3.       Working out

I know for me this is a routine problem. So I have joined an 80 day challenge to kickstart my routine and get me on the road to feeling healthy again.

Business Goals

1.       Blog 3 times a week

I want to be a consistent voice for my readers to depend on every week. My goal is to post one helpful article, one Bond Project article and one miscellaneous article every single week. If there are any topics that you would love to see this year, please feel free to let me know!

2.       Learning

Last year, I invested quite a bit into videos, mentorships and books to help further my business stills and my photography skills so I plan to get through all this material and actually practice it all!

3.       12 + sessions

This is my biggest goal this year, to be consistent in my bookings. I want to maintain at least one breastfeeding session every week and then baby plans and adding documentary sessions as I can find families who want to document their honest lives.

Thank you for reading along and keeping me accountable all year. What are your goals or resolutions for 2018?

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