365mk2017 Challenge Week 3

365mk2017 Challenge Week 3

Heirloom photo album comes in beautiful grey box

1.15.2017 – Box

These boxes come with any purchase of an album. They help keep your albums looking pristine for as many generations as you can imagine.

crisp, clean fish tank, blue lights

1.16.2017 – Crisp

I spent some of the week with my mom. This is her newest fish tank crystal clear and beautiful. She has become quite the fish collector. So glad my hubby and I are down to only 3 tanks!

Holy Bible, texture, rough light

1.17.2017 – Texture

I love the textures of physical books, especially old books. These bibles are over 100 years old.

American flag, flag stands for freedom

1.18.2017 – Freedom

The flag still stands for freedom. I don’t enjoy discussing politics and I still won’t do so here, but I will say that I love this country and I will fight for America alongside our troops and our police.

Topped, wine cork, shadow box

1.19.2017 – Topper

For many years, my mom enjoyed her wine. This little shadow box holds some of the corks (wine bottle toppers) that she enjoyed. I love the texture in them.

mom, fish store, delight, happy place

1.20.2017 – Delight

My mom at the fish store looking for her next set. With all of the fish tanks she has acquired she will have to sleep on the floor soon.

Close door, waiting for mom

1.21.2017 – Close

My daughter watching me walking the dog through the window next to my mom’s close door.

Yes, I still breastfeed my toddler

Yes, I still breastfeed my toddler

Why do Great Photos Cost so much?

Why do Great Photos Cost so much?