Why do Great Photos Cost so much?

Why do Great Photos Cost so much?

From getting married to having babies and wanting to have beautiful family images, there are millions of reasons to consider hiring a professional photographer. But how do we find that photographer? Sometimes it comes from a referral or a family friend but for others, we find ourselves scouring the internet for options.

Of course we look at the quality of the photographers’ portfolio and make sure that we will ideally be happy with their work for our own family. Then the big question comes - the cost, the investment.

You can find a photographer at almost any price point. Sometimes you can even find free photography from someone who is building a portfolio. So if you can always find someone who for less, what is the point in investing in someone else? Many of us see a more experienced photographer’s investment number and wonder why does this cost so much; or maybe why am I paying so much for only 10 images or even no images, where all products are additional?

I cannot tell you how many people have gawked at paying higher prices for a photographer. For some people photography is way too high and they cannot afford it while to others it is way too low. So what makes the difference in these photographers?

It is very easy to think that the only bits of photography that you are paying for it the length of the session itself and the images or products that come with the session fee. But this is far from the real story. The following list are part of the financial aspect that goes into your photo session – specifically for a newborn. Please keep in mind this is not an all-inclusive list and may vary based on the style of session and the photographer you work with.

Cost of doing business photography

Now sure, if you hunt enough you can find truly wonderful photographers who have not discovered all of this or choose to do fifty sessions a month to pay their bills. But let’s be honest the experience you will have will be different with any photographer you choose.

On to that time spent on each session. I promise, you are not simply paying for the one hour session you are requesting. There are so many bits that go into a session, especially for newborns that are very easy to overlook.

Time spent on a posed newborn photo session

You may ask what could take so long, for each of these pieces. Why would it take an hour or more to plan your session? Well, it starts with getting to know you and your family. What is important to you, what do you love to do, what colors and themes have you chosen for your house and your family? Then deciding the specific details of your session down to every fabric or prop.

Take for instance this beautiful photo of a newborn baby girl. I found out that mom and dad would sing to her almost the whole day. One of the songs they would sing to her was “You are my Sunshine.” I also discovered that their nursery was done in mostly teal and orange.

So after much consideration I carefully picked out the best fabrics and simple things I could add to the session. And made an adorable little tutu and headband to make this little girl into a sweet little sun.

Newborn photo setup, sunshine

Then during the session, I asked mom to help spot her baby during this pose to make sure that her little love stayed safe during her entire session. No photo is worth risking your baby’s safety. Well this meant that when I edited this photo, it became a composite photo. Meaning I took more than one photo of this setup and edited out moms hand. Ending with this adorable photo now hung her room.

It is my hope that when you choose your photographer, you do your homework to decide who the best photographer is for you, not based on the price, but based on their style and the care they will take with your family.

you are my sunshine, newborn pose, miracle kisses

Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments below or contact me if you have a question you would prefer to keep private. 

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