365mk2017 Challenge Week Two

365mk2017 Challenge Week Two

Cold oranges, food art, orange

1.8.2017 – Cold

I wanted to have a little fun with this one but was having a hard time thinking of something. That was, until my daughter asked for an orange. As I peeled the tiny orange for her, I decided to attempt to spell the word I was to photograph.

Hide, pink tent, peek-a-boo

1.9.2017 – Hidden

What kid doesn’t like to play peek-a-boo? Well mine likes to peek out of her tent. Sometimes I can only see tiny fingers and sometimes she really pokes her head out. Either way it is always cute to play.

Routine, dog leash, red door

1.10.2017 – Routine

Since adopting our new furry friend, we have gotten on quite the routine of feeding and walking him at the same time in the morning. While it is an adjustment it has been good for the whole family.

Imperfect, socks, mismatch

1.11.2017 – Imperfect

Well socks have holes, and some don’t match. These are all imperfections that we live with every day.

Shadow, side-lighting, dramatic, two faces

1.12.2017 – Shadow

Sure we all make shadows and are attached to one at all times, but I chose to practice some harsh, side lighting for this one. Photographing mostly newborns I don’t get to have the fun of this lighting often but this was the perfect time. This is my brother, graciously modeling for me. We all have two sides, which do you show?

Mobile, toddler in motion, tip toes

1.13.2017 – Mobile

Oh man, toddlers are on the move – All.The.Time. Now that my daughter got a stool (meant for sitting) it didn’t take her long to figure out it would make her taller and would be able to get to more things.

Work, rebrand, customer experience, better myself

1.14.2017 – Work

It is no secret. I am revamping my entire business, mostly my customer experience. I want to provide the best service I possibly can to my clients. These changes are coming with a whole lot of early mornings and late nights. 

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Amy's Story

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