Exclusive Breastfeeding Sessions

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Kick-start Exclusive Breastfeeding Photo Sessions

Introducing the new exclusive breastfeeding session, designed for you, the mom who nurses tirelessly all day, the mom who has to pump while at work to give your baby what you feel is best, the mom who is always there for your baby for nourishment and comfort.

There is nothing like the feeling that washes over you when you are breastfeeding your little baby, no matter what their age. As the love and nourishment flows from your body to theirs; a calm washes over you and your littlest love. 

Breastfeeding is hard work: from latches, to pain, even pumping. You work diligently to give them this beautiful gift of liquid gold. You deserve more than a "brelfie" (breastfeeding selfie).  

Help yourself reminisce over all of the little moments your little nursling does as they nurse. Those little things they do will change as they grow.

Does your little give you a special look when they know 'the boob' is going to come out? Does your little hold on with both hands like it will disappear if they let go? Do they insist on holding your finger or playing with your face? Sure you may not forget some of these little things when they go off to college but wouldn't you love to have a beautiful photo to help you cherish all the love and work you put in?

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Why Book Now?

All exclusive breastfeeding sessions held by June 30, 2017 will receive their own custom breast milk pendant. 

The little details you love when your baby nurses may change. You don't want to miss out on these special moments as they happen. 

You can always book a second session in a few months to see how your special bond has grown and changed in that time.

Please feel free to give me a call 720.541.0775 or message me here if you have any questions at all. You can also find more information on the Bond Project here and decide if you would like to participate. 

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The Exclusive Mini Offer Details

June 4 & 17 2017 - Call Samantha at 720.541.0775 or message me here 

30 minute portrait session of the bond you share with your precious little baby. I know some babies get distracted and don't always nurse when we want them to, so I will happily include images of your playing, snuggling, and kissing your little as well as as many breastfeeding images as they will let me get. 

A beautiful, handmade lotus blossom throne setup to help capture the pure beauty in your accomplishment.

$100 portrait credit toward the custom designed artwork and digital files of your choice.

Special gift - a beautiful lotus blossom pendant with personal breast milk bead inside. 

Limited times available - Book today to hold your spot. $95 retainer to hold your time and secure your $100 portrait credit.

Optional participation in The Bond Project

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Current location is Prospect Park in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Only afternoon and evening times available.

Sessions are $95, non-refundable and due upon booking to reserve your spot

Portrait credit must be applied within 2 weeks of online gallery going live or credit is forfeited. 

Contact must me made to produce your breast milk bead within one month of online gallery going live or bead will be forfeited. 

Why other moms chose to book

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"I love my breastfeeding photos because they're able to capture a time in our lives that might otherwise be missed. Especially as she gets older, the details of what things were like when she was really little get fuzzy in my memory. I can look at the pictures and they take me back to the funny little quirks and moments that only she and I shared. They will be a lasting memory in years to come of out first struggles and our first bonds."

- Summer

"I wanted to be able to look back at the little things that you forget after so long. The way they hold you, the look in their eyes. The pure love between mother and child. You never really forget but to see it again helps that memory be a little more clear."


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"Breastfeeding has created an amazing bond between my daughter and I. She will only be this little for such a short time, and I know that I will miss these moments with her. Having breastfeeding photos will allow me to go back to those moments by just looking at the photos."

- Amanda

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"I wanted to have breastfeeding photos taken before returning to work when my baby was only 2 months old. We had a rough start and I was terrified she would develop a preference for the bottle. I love having the physical image to remind myself of that very special time that won't fade as quickly as a memory. She has changed so much over the past 6 months and it's hard to remember how small she was. I'm hoping to have another breastfeeding photo session at our one year nursiversary. Time marches too fast and I love having those pictures to remember the close bond we share."


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"When I saw the images it just sunk in my heart that these images are the fossils of my past with him and there's a connection and a bond between a mother and a child that is unbreakable and is natural and I would I love with the images because I saw how he would look into my eyes and he depended on me for everything and I was there for him and I'll always be."
- Vanessa
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"The pictures we did means a lot to me because I'll always be able to look back and cherish our bonding time. I'll need a reminder of those tender times when he's an angry teenager yelling he hates me because I won't let him borrow my car! He won't stay a baby for ever so it's nice to have a visual time capsule of these sweet but fleeting days."
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In Home Milk Bath Sessions

Milk bath sessions are so much fun. We can customize it to almost any kind of session. I recommend maternity, newborn, breastfeeding, child and even glamour sessions. Once you choose to book this type of session, we will discuss your goals for the session and the colors you wish to include. I will bring everything we need except the bathtub and the people in the tub! Go ahead and give me a call at 720.541.0775 or send me a message here to ask any questions!

This session fee will be your non-refundable retainer. It can be transferred to another session if desired for 6 months. $100 of your session fee will convert to a product credit at your in person reveal and order session.