Baby Plan Limited Editions

Rainbow mom, limited edition photo sessions, light after the storm, love babies

It all started when...

I lost a baby too soon. My heart was ignited to tell the stories of all the moms who have suffered this pain - to end the taboo. 

Now, years later, I dedicate my time to these mommas to help celebrate their beautiful rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is a baby born after a loss, they are the light after so much rain and darkness. 

To accompany the launch of my new baby plans, I am offering 10 limited edition sessions to moms pregnant with their rainbow baby. Of course we will create something magical and personal for each mom who decides to participate. But I will also be ordering an extra special gown for your maternity session in a solid color of your choice (one per color). 

In order to participate each momma will enroll in my Bundles Collection. Once enrolled we can start to plan all of the details and order a special gown to fit you and your baby bump. For your participation you will also receive a special heirloom print from me from each of the three sessions and get an additional gift if you choose to enroll in the Babies to Birthday Plan.

I do plan to create an extra special collage of all 10 mommas together, so please be aware that a model release will be required for a minimum of one image in this gown. 

If you are ready to sign up or have any questions please fill out the form below or give me, Samantha, a call at 720.541.0775. I cannot wait to meet you and your family!

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