Who am I?

Being a mother was something I dreamed of since I was a little girl. I can remember being in middle school and having my friends tell me what a good mother I would be because i was so king and patient. It never dawned on me that this dream could be a hard path to travel.

After meeting my love, we suffered a miscarriage and then a pre-term loss. Nothing can prepare you for that. When we did get pregnant for the third time, I had a very difficult time wanted to connect with this new baby growing inside me. Not even announcing to most people until we finally hit the 24 week milestone. Thankfully, our baby girl was born at 37 weeks and we were overjoyed. 

Once our rainbow baby was finally here and mostly healthy, I couldn't get enough of her. I wanted to memorize every little inch of my tiny baby. Needless to say, I took about a million photos of her. Bot honestly I was no newborn photographer back then and my phone simply did not cut it to truly freeze those precious little details. 

Since then, I dusted off my camera (and even bought a new one) took a multitude of classes and joined countless forums to learn both the safety and art that is newborn photography. 

Now, I work diligently to create a truly customized session for every family and their precious newborn. Learning your story of adding to your family and discovering the huge personality your newborn can have only a few days after birth. Then documenting all of those perfect little details to cherish as they grow and change. 

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Feel free to check out the FAQ page if you have any questions and if you have any questions at all that are not answered contact me and I will be happy to answer.

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